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Why Isn't My Road Plowed?

The Town of Milladore plows the 44 miles of our roads once the snowing/blowing is done. We have no full-time employees. Our drivers are either retired or working full-time at another job. We do pay $22 per hour but some would say that is a volunteer wage.

At the Wood County level, it is a different story. They have full-time employees that are promised 40 hours of work per week at $18 per hour. If the county doesn't have them working, they draw unemployment. Note-some, at the county level, are salaried which means they have to work until the job is done. The priority of the county is State Highway 10. After the State highway is cleared then Wood County works on the county roads.

When we start to plow, we wait until the storm subsides. We need to clear the intersections of our town roads that cross Highway 10. Once those are cleared, we move on to through roads. It is usually about that time the county takes another swipe on Highway 10; meaning there will be build-up at the intersections we just completed. Then we return to working on thru roads, once those are completed, we move to the dead-end roads that need to be cleared. This all takes time.

Thus, plan ahead if you have connecting flights to reach and supplies to stock up on leave yourself enough time when inclement weather is forecasted.